A reworking of the old RP ATA. An apocalyptic event casts a cloud of darkness over the world called the Ash, but it's not the only thing that has arrived.
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 A Reminder [Open]

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PostSubject: A Reminder [Open]   Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:13 am

The light of a candle guided the girl deeper into the warehouse, the illumination provided not the best. It would have to do though, light was scarce as hell within these times. The fact that she had even gotten her hands upon one and a few matches from a quick theft off an old, broken-down home proved how desprate times were. Even if all she truly carried otherwise was her weapon, which she never dared to set down, it still came as a surprise to her how long she'd survived. But then again, she had been taught well. Keeping her normal 'resting bitch face,' it didn't take much for her to push further in beyond the first set of doors. The smell of rotting human was surprisingly not that bad to Blake, her pausing to only rub her nose once or twice.

Pushing towards the back of the warehouse, there was a room filled with crates. Some marked fragile, others marked 'food.' There was one in particular Blake was in pursuit of, and seeming to know her way around these parts, the smallest of smiles could be seen when it was found. Pulling out her gambol shroud, a quick slice to the box made it open. There it was, what she had been looking for. The only reason why she had dared to step into the warehouse she'd so oftenly take from. Inside, was food. Setting the candle down, she pulled out a few of the sealed packages. Sure, there were many other crates, but they all contained meat. The smell coming from those were disgusting, but this one smelled different. Crackers, ramen, small bags of chips... A luxury in these times. Not even thinking when she grabbed one of the snack-sized chip bags, Blake was quick to open it and munch. Even if she didn't have any water to help with the saltiness of the chips, Blake was sure as hell content with just this.

Grabbing a few more bags of the chips, and a pack of crackers, Blake was careful to step around the scattered and rotting flesh. As she was making her way out the door, she froze.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Oh, shit... That was the one thing that ran through the girls mind, panicked as she had been caught. Her eyes widened temporarily, and she was quick to dive off to the side behind some crates. Don't worry, Blake. Just stay out of sight.


Blake Belladonna
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Cutest Dork
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PostSubject: Re: A Reminder [Open]   Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:24 pm

Shey walked calmly through the warehouses, her chief knife strapped to her thigh in a crude attempt at a holster. It worked. Who really cared what it looked like? This was the Apocalypse, if they cared what their weapon looked like out here, it would be a shock that they'd made it this far. Her small pistol was hidden between the back of her pants and her back, a light sweat shirt covered it. In Shey's left hand she held her flashlight, which illuminated the ground before her.

This ground that she walked all those days ago. The ground that she howled with her faction, tore open the bodies of fellow humans, and ate their flesh. A few days ago, Shey would have relished in the memories of her group. However, the events after her attacking that red hair girl gave cause for re-consideration. After so long with her faction, Shey had forgotten what a normal human acted. Perhaps the lights going out was good for her, to change her morals in what she thought was a moral less world. There would be times when Shey would go back and think about switching back to her old habitats. Which would be distinguished every time she would enter the mart.

The mart held normal humans, even if most of them are a bit psychopathic. That was just the world they lived in, as Shey thought of it. Eventually, after a bit of thought tied up in the back room, she decided to live for these people. Who spared her life when any other group of people, would've killed her.

Shey was here for some closure, to thank her animistic self for existing, and keeping herself alive this long. But to let go of that side, and move on to help the people of the mart. As she thought of them her dysfunctional family of psychopaths.

It was only when she heard crunching, did Shey turn her thoughts away from her self revelations to what was in front of her. She saw a shadow, seemingly caring something not too far ahead. Whoever it was, wasn't very smart. A candle, as she had seen it, could light the boxes on fire. Not only is that dangerous, but it will shorten the eventual supply of the city. These woods were not protected and rotting already. With a deep frown, she growled out, "What the hell are you doing?" The shadow heard her and slipped between the boxes. Raising an eyebow, Shey's frown slipped. "You know that you are holding a candle, I can see your light."

With one hand on the handle on her knife, she turned the corner, her face set into a semi mocking smirk. How did this girl get so far in this world if she had a candle of all things to light the way? Very poor choice for lighting too, if the air was damp.


Nicole Anderson
Shey Kodak
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A Reminder [Open]
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