A reworking of the old RP ATA. An apocalyptic event casts a cloud of darkness over the world called the Ash, but it's not the only thing that has arrived.
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 Murkwell Terminology [WIP]

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Murkwell Terminology [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Murkwell Terminology [WIP]   Murkwell Terminology [WIP] EmptyMon Feb 23, 2015 10:02 pm

Below are a few words that may be used in RP. Here is what they mean:

Ash: Mile-long layers of thick clouds that covered the word mysteriously two years ago. It is forever night time due to the Ash. Though high above and harmless, its darkness creates an environment for the monsters it spawned.

Black Masks: A faction full of killers who wore black masks. Their masks can still be found on people around Murkwell.

Coyote: A member of an old faction of insane cannibals. They don't exist anymore, thank God.

"Lights out": A term used for when the cloud-piercing tower generators failed in Murkwell. This happened two years after the Ash and nightcrawlers came, and basically killed off everyone who remained in Murkwell, save for those who found the Murky Mart.

Nightcrawler: Shadowy monsters that lurk in the darkness of the town. They have long snouts and longer claws, and are almost made of the Ash above. They kill humans and other animals for no known reason, and are the main reason why so many people are dead. They're weakness is light; beams of light from flashlights and lanterns cause them to be stunned or run away, and the light from the Murky Mart causes them to flee entirely.

Pictured here.

Stonewall: A faction of cave dwellers. Their bodies still remain underground.

Vanguard: A popular faction filled with kids and snobs before the lights went out.
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Murkwell Terminology [WIP]
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