A reworking of the old RP ATA. An apocalyptic event casts a cloud of darkness over the world called the Ash, but it's not the only thing that has arrived.
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Nightcrawlers have the ability to mutate via a nutrient it can absorb from human flesh, and human flesh alone. A nightcrawler's only goal in life is to mutate. This makes a nightcrawler highly murderous and hostile towards human beings. Below is the various kinds of nightcrawler discovered through mutation. Nightcrawlers mutate in many different ways, and these are shown through stages.


Name: Umbra mutante
Common Name: Nightcrawler
Description: Moderately fast, easy to kill, made of pure Ash. These are the most common creatures in Murkwell. They kill using their incredibly long claws.


Name: Umbra quattuorpedes
Common Name: Nightrunner
Description: Fast, faster than human, moderately easy to kill but big, made up of pure Ash. They are common, especially in the park. They kill by running and jumping on foes, tearing at them with claws on their feet. Demonstrate a higher level of intelligence and the ability to hunt.

Name: Umbra quattuorbracchia
Common Name: Nightterror
Description: A rarer stage two, slower than a nightrunner but more vicious, harder to kill. Made up of Ash and a calcium concentrate similar to bones but more transparent, more bendable. It has four arms capable of lifting a vehicle. It uses these arms to crush or dismember a person. Not any smarter than a nightcrawler, and filled with more impatient rage.

Name: Umbra homunus
Common Name: Nightwalker
Description: In rare instances, a nightcrawler will latch onto a person and bind with them, often when they are close to death. If the person is unable to remove them, they will absorb themselves into their host, and slowly attack them internally. The victim begins with a fever, one that gets gradually worse. They will soon lose the ability to speak or think. When the nightcrawler achieves full takeover, the person will open their own skin, usually through a blade or tearing. Ash will funnel out of the opening and envelop the person's skin completely. They will become a nightcrawler in mind and hostility, but with a human body below. As previously mentioned, this only happens when a nightcrawler feels its body is compromised, and needs a new one. Killing its parasite creature results in the body being freed, but the host dies.


Name: Umbra venator
Common Name: Nightgore
Description: Extremely intelligent evolution of a nightrunner. They are hunters, made of calcium and a fur-like protein. as well as Ash. They are extremely fast and large. These creatures have developed teeth and an acute night vision.

Name: Umbra pugnantis
Name: Nightwrath
Description: The strongest creature, able lift a tree from the ground and hurl it. It is rather slow, its forearms unfit for running, but it is capable of obliterating humans in many ways.

Name: Umbra tacet
Name: Nightwhisper
Description: An extremly rare shadow. It is often mistaken for a mirage or hallucination. It rarely moves when it is seen, and can almost teleport through molecular detachment and reattachment, moving along the ground in an almost invisible form. It is known for staring at its victims and killing them silently, mainly through biting off the head or biting through them. If you see one, good luck, they are hard to kill.


Name: Umbra bestia
Common Name: Biggore
Description: There is one known in Murkwell, who lives in the mall. He got his nutrients on the day the lights went out, killing the mall's inhabitants. He is massive, capable of barreling through buildings and concrete, and can eat a person whole. It is made of almost entirely biological material, tainted with Ash.

Name: Umbra mortem
Common Name: Reaper
Description: There are only a few of them in Murkwell. They are made up of a hard calcium-Ash mixture, and their strong resemblance to humans are due to their heavy absorption of human nutrients. Nightreapers often carry around recent kills, and you will often see bodies skewered on their sharp, long fingers. They are big, about ten feet tall, and smile eerily.

Name: Umbra arafa
Common Name: Gemini
Description: A nightwalker completely mutated through nutrient absorption. It's become too big for its parasite's body, and the parasite can be seen latched to its back, controlling it. It is extremely strong, able to pick up the largest vehicles with ease. There are a few in Murkwell.

Name: Umbra mens
Common Name: Mindwalker
Description: It is the strongest creature. When you see him, run, you will die if he spots you. It is capable of attacking with its mind, and completely destroying you from the inside out with simply a stare. It is the results of intense massacre, and it radiates energy that its absorbed.

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